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The Vale Community Hospital

How Do We Spend The Money Raised?

At our meetings, we talk to hospital staff and doctors to find out what sort of equipment or improvements in facilities will help or enhance the quality of the hospital's services, or make it possible to provide a local service which will ensure that patients to not have to travel further afield for appointments or treatment.

To date these funds have enabled the hospital to purchase:

  • a Standing Aid
  • a Podiatry foot
  • a Neuro Chair
  • a Leg Support
  • a Refrigerator
  • a Projector
  • a Nasoendoscope
  • a Bladder Scanner

At Christmas we donate a sum of money to enable those in hospital to have an enjoyable Christmas. This is used to provide extra Christmas fare, a tree and small gift. This is much appreciated by the hospital and its inpatients at this time.

A Standing Aid
A Podiatry Foot
A Nasoendoscope

Raise Funds

Contact us if you would like help to raise funds for your local hospital