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The Vale Community Hospital

The Committee

The committee, which includes The Vale staff meets regularly at The Vale. It discusses a range of matters such as fund raising events, finance, hospital matters, volunteers, etc.

We welcome membership of the committee from all areas that the hospital serves. Members are elected at the Annual AGM, but if you are interested, attend one of our events, contact one of the committee or ring our Chairperson, Jane Ball.

Our Committee

Jane Ball Chairperson, Director & Trustee

Mike Burdge Company Secretary and Treasurer Director & Trustee

Val Watts Secretary & Berkeley Representative Director

Marie Slim Volunteer Co-ordinator/Membership Secretary Director & Trustee

Shirley Hill Website Manager Trustee

Joan Scott Committee member, Upper Cam Director

Pat Eagle Committee member, Slimbridge

John Swann Committee member, Dursley

Cherry Knight Committee member, Coaley

Liz Lovett Vale Representitive

Matron: Jeanette Richardson

Dr Simon Opher GP representative

You may wish to become involved and can offer as much time as you are able to commit, as outlined below:

Membership - visit our Become a Member page

Volunteering - visit our Volunteering page

We are always pleased to talk to those who are interested in the work of the League of Friends. You can contact our Chairperson, Jane Ball, Telephone: 01453 543355 or mobile: 07515282692

Mail can be left for Jane Ball, Mike Burdge or Marie Slim at the hospital address of our Contact Details page.


Support your local hospital - to learn more - contact us or attend one of our events